Subtext is by far the most important thing an actor can focus on, and it’s the key to giving complex and three dimentional performances. It’s

Giving a performance that is believable, engaging and grounded in the world of the character is difficult, there’s no secret about that. But what if

For actors, giving a genuine and impactful performance is the holy grail. We want to impact our audiences and tell the story in the most

Every day actors step on stage or in front of a camera, tasked with the unique challenge of breathing life into a character and transporting

Many actors have the goal of getting onto their favourite Netflix shows, but unless you have an agent, it can be quite difficult to even

Your voice shapes the way you speak, and therefore it’s the start of everything for an actor. When performing on stage, actors must have the

Finding the right agent is extremely important for actors. And whilst top talent agencies can provide a tonne of value to an actors career, there

Acting is one of the oldest and most rewarding professions of all time. And whilst it’s pretty easy to get started, I suspect you don’t

Landing an agent can often be seen as a huge milestone for an up-and-coming actor, but not all agencies are created equal. In fact, whilst

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